These are the pictures I took for this assignment. I’m mostly proud on some of them but I think I did a great job. as you can see they both have a much different light posture. I think that the background really makes it pop. The crystal stands out from the eye. They all had different settings. They mostly had a lot of saturation. I darkened the shadows. I did make it soft to have it more detailed.

I found this picture from the internet that shows a great angle. I love this photo a lot. It makes it stand out. All of the photo is in one place. It’s detailed and it shows the background setting more different. I think being exactly on the yellow line adds more structure to the picture. It looks unique and beautiful. From all the ones I saw. This one stood out. I think it’s because of the view. This photo shows good elements from photography. It can be found inspiration and so on. I think that everyone can look at the road first. It’s the main focus to the photo. As you look further it gets more blurry. It makes the eye exactly look at the photo. I saw some other interesting ones. But this one made me like it a lot more than the other ones. Angles are extremely important in photography and this photo shows that. I loved this photo. It’s beautiful.


this is my collage. It represents a lot about my life. I’ve always been one to like stories about space or conspiracy theories. I’ve always had interest in it. Another thing about my blog is that I’m a huge movie fan. I watch new movies everyday. They just interest me a lot and I always reflect on the real world with these types of universes.

My culture is very beautiful. I wanted to add it because I think when people talk about cultures it makes me interested in how everyone can have different ways of doing things. I think it’s beautiful. I love expressing anything about it. I always go to Mexico every year in a small town in Zacatecas called Tabasco. I love spending it over there. I get to go any where and I feel free. I love going to visit other towns and cities.

I’m huge with music too. It’s a daily part of my life where I get to lay down and listen to it. I listen to any genres. I think that it makes me feel happier than ever to just listen to it. I mainly listen to Bring Me the Horizon, A Day To Remember and Paramore. Which is thanks to my brother. I also sing. I always used to write my own songs and make ideas as I went on. My family would always question how I could make new lyrics in my head just on the spot. I’m getting into the electric guitar. I hope to one day overcome my fears of social anxiety and share with the world.

Another thing is that I always wanted to go to Paris, France. I don’t know where it started but I always wanted to go. I love exploring the world. It’s apart of me. Paris or Italy is where I mainly want to go. I think they’re beautiful places and I want to explore. Maybe I’ll get the chance one day.


I think I did okay in this piece. It isn’t the best thing I’ve created but I find it interesting. I tried making it seem like the ghosts were protecting the moon.
A surrealism artwork piece I found was by Salvador Dali. This artwork is so interesting to me. It looks amazing and it draws attention to the eye. I think that it takes a long time to process everything going on in this photo. I find it interesting and I think he did amazing at this. It inspired me. It inspires me to try again in my surrealism piece because he made it look so real.


Composition is just simply a way to expose the key elements and subjects in a photo. The three main goals for composition is to draw attention to the main subject, to lead the viewers eye into and around the image and lastly, to eliminate distracting parts of the scene.

The first rule for composition is to include a focal point. This means to give your photo meaning and it offers the viewers a place for their eye to rest. An example for this is by asking yourself, what is the main point of the photo? What’s going to catch the eye? This is very important if you want a composition photo.

The second rule to composition is to ask yourself where you position the main elements in the scene. It will make it look balanced. It draws our eyes into the main point so you have to keep that in mind.

Another very important thing about composition is to balance the image diagonally. If you have your main element in a corner that isn’t going to be the first part people see and it won’t be a composition photo. It has to be balanced so it can catch the eye.

This reason for better composition is also very important. Shoot from a lower angle! It helps simplify the composition and it gives a unique viewpoint that most people don’t see. It’ll make the photo look more good.

Include Foreground Interest! it adds interest and ideas. It helps the photo give more depth, helping to lead the eye from the front to the back of the photo. It helps include more objects you want in the photo and it makes everything fit in.

Use Leading Lines! It helps lead the eye into the image. Including lines towards the main subject usually works better if they run diagonally rather than horizontally or vertically.

This one is another important one that every image should have. Fill The Frame! Your image will lack impact if the main subject does not stand out. Moving closer to your subjects draws out all the others ones so the eye can draw attention to the main purpose.

Leave Space For Movement. It is important to shoot a scene where if the subject is moving, leave enough space inside the frame so the eye to follow the movement. It works best.

Frame Your Subject… This is important because it involves objects in the foreground of a scene to create a frame around the main subject. As I said before. If there is something like doorways around the frame. It creates a perfect frame. It helps isolate the main purpose.

Break The Rules! Even if composition can prove useful, you shouldn’t let it involve around your creativity and how you picture it.


I like how this came out. The shadows look so detailed.

I love this picture. I think this shows an example of shadows and light. I like how the shadows make the cats look bigger than they seem. It shows the detail and light. I think that this photo is just really good in general. I like how the shadow created a heart and so on. I love how detailed the shadow can be.