This was a hard choice for me. In the end I picked one that was much more settling. From all the things going on in the world, there is some things that are still beautiful. How earth can still be stood out. It’s the little things that we need to make us smile. Through some progresses around the world; I started realizing that things aren’t always good. I always felt that the world was starting to become careless. Cruel. Cold. I’m starting to realize now that the world isn’t always going to be cruel. There’s going to be some beautiful things in life. I hope that things like this continue. That there isn’t anymore bad things. And there’s a lot to hope. I know bad things are going to continue to happen. Some things are going to continue to change. It’s not always going to be perfect. It’s not perfect. It’s good to see that there is still pretty things out there in such bad things that happen around us. I chose this photo because it made me feel comfortable. It’s a beautiful shot.

In where we stand, there’s a lot of things happening. It’s not always going to be the end. But, we’re now in a place where life is starting to become better than it was before. I hope that life is still good. And that there isn’t worse thing that are going to happen. I continue to wonder how life is going to be. If there’s still going to be chaos. If there is still going to be some beautiful things. Life is going to have challenges. Life is going to continue. I hope that it one days becomes better for everyone. This particular picture is by Nanna Heitmann. I love this picture and I love everything about it.