conceptual is a term used to identify an illustration of an idea. A thought of an idea. Dealing with original thoughts. I find this type of photography very cool and amazing. It identity’s who we are as a person. I’ve always been one to love writing or see ideas, as reading. I think that the book in the photo gives an idea of who I am. I’ve always love poetry or any type of writing. I’ve always love the idea of it and I want to do something that has to do with writing when I’m older. The idea of the book was also to ‘go inside the book’ to see my life. I’ve always love nature or anything that has to do with space, oceans, anything myth. I love the idea of fall. I’ve always been in love with fall. And basically just more background of my life. I love anything horror in life. I love horror movies and I’ve experienced some paranormal things with my family or themselves. I am okay with how this turned out.

I find Cindy Sherman’s artwork interesting. I’m not really sure how to explain it. I find it kind of unsettling and that’s what I think it’s interesting about it. How it can play off. I think it’s just interesting. Her work is amazing. I see why her type of style is cool.


I am pretty proud how these came out. I like the chucky and tiffany one a little bit more. I think it was shown really good and it matched. This was a very fun assignment in my opinion. I’m thinking of doing more of these. I think the colors in the back for perfectly in the photo. I’m more proud of the Chucky and Tiffany one. I think it came out better overall. Maybe I could’ve done better with a better flooring. Although I do like the background.