These are the pictures I took for this assignment. I’m mostly proud on some of them but I think I did a great job. as you can see they both have a much different light posture. I think that the background really makes it pop. The crystal stands out from the eye. They all had different settings. They mostly had a lot of saturation. I darkened the shadows. I did make it soft to have it more detailed.

I found this picture from the internet that shows a great angle. I love this photo a lot. It makes it stand out. All of the photo is in one place. It’s detailed and it shows the background setting more different. I think being exactly on the yellow line adds more structure to the picture. It looks unique and beautiful. From all the ones I saw. This one stood out. I think it’s because of the view. This photo shows good elements from photography. It can be found inspiration and so on. I think that everyone can look at the road first. It’s the main focus to the photo. As you look further it gets more blurry. It makes the eye exactly look at the photo. I saw some other interesting ones. But this one made me like it a lot more than the other ones. Angles are extremely important in photography and this photo shows that. I loved this photo. It’s beautiful.

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