this is my collage. It represents a lot about my life. I’ve always been one to like stories about space or conspiracy theories. I’ve always had interest in it. Another thing about my blog is that I’m a huge movie fan. I watch new movies everyday. They just interest me a lot and I always reflect on the real world with these types of universes.

My culture is very beautiful. I wanted to add it because I think when people talk about cultures it makes me interested in how everyone can have different ways of doing things. I think it’s beautiful. I love expressing anything about it. I always go to Mexico every year in a small town in Zacatecas called Tabasco. I love spending it over there. I get to go any where and I feel free. I love going to visit other towns and cities.

I’m huge with music too. It’s a daily part of my life where I get to lay down and listen to it. I listen to any genres. I think that it makes me feel happier than ever to just listen to it. I mainly listen to Bring Me the Horizon, A Day To Remember and Paramore. Which is thanks to my brother. I also sing. I always used to write my own songs and make ideas as I went on. My family would always question how I could make new lyrics in my head just on the spot. I’m getting into the electric guitar. I hope to one day overcome my fears of social anxiety and share with the world.

Another thing is that I always wanted to go to Paris, France. I don’t know where it started but I always wanted to go. I love exploring the world. It’s apart of me. Paris or Italy is where I mainly want to go. I think they’re beautiful places and I want to explore. Maybe I’ll get the chance one day.

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