Aaron Siskind was an amazing and inspiring American photographer who was born in December 4th, 1903 and who died in February 8, 1991. His whole photography focuses more on the details that the black and white gives off. Which I find fascinating. I feel like his photography focuses more on different things than one particular thing. Which I don’t mind. I find it beautiful and it stands out. I think that black and white photos give more satisfaction and gives attention than regular photos. I think that it just makes the photos look more magical. And that’s exactly what Aaron Siskind is showing.


When talking about the earth. I always seem to appreciate it. It’s the most important thing to exist. It’s beautiful and no one seems to always talk about it. When talking about global warming. It’s a topic that I hate. It makes me feel sad. I think that this is a very important topic. Everyone should always talk about it. Something can always happen.

I’m not sure what made me feel the way I feel. From a young age, I always seemed to see what was happening with earth. It was quite sad. Sometimes a group of a little individuals can help a lot more than you think. The earth is slowly coming down. I think that everyone should start caring more. More because of the future and what can happen at any given moment. The planet is in deep trouble. The world is slowly falling apart.

Pollution, climate change, waste disposal. Almost anything you can think of depends on earth. It will fall down quick if you don’t think of doing anything about it.

What is there to do?

Speak up. It’s important that everyone gets to hear about it. It’s important that everyone knows on what’s going on. There are a lot of articles that can show what you can and can’t do. It helps more than you think. Share with others.

I think a lot of people have influenced these decisions. Every post I see of global warming has helped me realize how cruel this is. I think that everyone can understand the benefits on why this topic is important. I would like to see why it isn’t. I would like to hear someone’s side of the story.

The planet is important. Think about it. Help it. A little change can make a big difference.


Capturing action and motion is an important step to photography. This can be because it makes the photo look better and it captures the eye into view. There are a lot of ways to capture these types of actions and motions. Firstly, you need to slow down the shutter speed. This can be important because you get motion blur when your shutter speed is long, whereas you freeze the action when your shutter speed is short. It needs to work for a period of time as if it’s too fast you’re not going to capture much movement. 

To get motion in your images, the most important roles is to have your subject move and have your camera move. To have a beautiful blurry look in your photo will impact the whole shot. Some things that can be important to get a good shot would be to use a small aperture. This is important because the narrower the aperture, the less light that will hit the camera sensor. Adjusting the aperture won’t just affect your photos exposure but also affects the depth of field. 

Another way to have a better shot is to decrease your ISO. ISO impacts the sensitivity of you digital camera sensor to light. You should also try a neutral density filter. It’s a piece of glass that blocks light from passing through your lenses. These can all be important. Though, slow sync flash and panning can help by a lot. Slow sync flash lets you capture a relatively sharp subject while creating a moving, blurry background, and its great way to create in-your-face shots. Panning can simply follow a moving subject with your camera. The subject will generally come out nice and sharp. While the background stretches and blurs. 

This photo I took shows motion blur.

this photo shows good action sharp.

this photo shows good motion blur.


The depth of field is when you focus the viewer’s attention is a specific area. It’s controlled by changing the aperture setting on your camera. You can control how you want it. How you want the eye to catch the main view. The larger the aperture, the shallower your depth of field will be, meaning a smaller portion of your image will be focused. Depth of field control is one of the most important tools in your creative arsenal. 

You want to let much light in as possible. You can struggle to get fast enough shutter speed to get a sharp image. As you make your aperture smaller, you need to have a longer shutter speed to let the same amount of light through to the sensor. This type of photography can be very important because it can sharpen the focus which is an important role in photography. 


These are the pictures I took for this assignment. I’m mostly proud on some of them but I think I did a great job. as you can see they both have a much different light posture. I think that the background really makes it pop. The crystal stands out from the eye. They all had different settings. They mostly had a lot of saturation. I darkened the shadows. I did make it soft to have it more detailed.

I found this picture from the internet that shows a great angle. I love this photo a lot. It makes it stand out. All of the photo is in one place. It’s detailed and it shows the background setting more different. I think being exactly on the yellow line adds more structure to the picture. It looks unique and beautiful. From all the ones I saw. This one stood out. I think it’s because of the view. This photo shows good elements from photography. It can be found inspiration and so on. I think that everyone can look at the road first. It’s the main focus to the photo. As you look further it gets more blurry. It makes the eye exactly look at the photo. I saw some other interesting ones. But this one made me like it a lot more than the other ones. Angles are extremely important in photography and this photo shows that. I loved this photo. It’s beautiful.


this is my collage. It represents a lot about my life. I’ve always been one to like stories about space or conspiracy theories. I’ve always had interest in it. Another thing about my blog is that I’m a huge movie fan. I watch new movies everyday. They just interest me a lot and I always reflect on the real world with these types of universes.

My culture is very beautiful. I wanted to add it because I think when people talk about cultures it makes me interested in how everyone can have different ways of doing things. I think it’s beautiful. I love expressing anything about it. I always go to Mexico every year in a small town in Zacatecas called Tabasco. I love spending it over there. I get to go any where and I feel free. I love going to visit other towns and cities.

I’m huge with music too. It’s a daily part of my life where I get to lay down and listen to it. I listen to any genres. I think that it makes me feel happier than ever to just listen to it. I mainly listen to Bring Me the Horizon, A Day To Remember and Paramore. Which is thanks to my brother. I also sing. I always used to write my own songs and make ideas as I went on. My family would always question how I could make new lyrics in my head just on the spot. I’m getting into the electric guitar. I hope to one day overcome my fears of social anxiety and share with the world.

Another thing is that I always wanted to go to Paris, France. I don’t know where it started but I always wanted to go. I love exploring the world. It’s apart of me. Paris or Italy is where I mainly want to go. I think they’re beautiful places and I want to explore. Maybe I’ll get the chance one day.