This was a hard choice for me. In the end I picked one that was much more settling. From all the things going on in the world, there is some things that are still beautiful. How earth can still be stood out. It’s the little things that we need to make us smile. Through some progresses around the world; I started realizing that things aren’t always good. I always felt that the world was starting to become careless. Cruel. Cold. I’m starting to realize now that the world isn’t always going to be cruel. There’s going to be some beautiful things in life. I hope that things like this continue. That there isn’t anymore bad things. And there’s a lot to hope. I know bad things are going to continue to happen. Some things are going to continue to change. It’s not always going to be perfect. It’s not perfect. It’s good to see that there is still pretty things out there in such bad things that happen around us. I chose this photo because it made me feel comfortable. It’s a beautiful shot.

In where we stand, there’s a lot of things happening. It’s not always going to be the end. But, we’re now in a place where life is starting to become better than it was before. I hope that life is still good. And that there isn’t worse thing that are going to happen. I continue to wonder how life is going to be. If there’s still going to be chaos. If there is still going to be some beautiful things. Life is going to have challenges. Life is going to continue. I hope that it one days becomes better for everyone. This particular picture is by Nanna Heitmann. I love this picture and I love everything about it.


Photography has been really important for many years. Some for the same reason. It gives the moment of time. An important role or place. For some, they would say it’s important for evidence. For others, they would say it’s important for memories. In all, it allows us to see different views from different perspectives. All around the world. It allows us to see important information. Just by a single photo, it can give us a whole lot of new information. A lot of beautiful moments and many more. 

Photography can be important because it gives us collections of meaningful moment in our life. Or in anyone’s life. It gives us beautiful memories. It gives us views to everyone’s life. By far, this is more important than anyone can know. If photography didn’t exist — moments like these would be gone. Memory can be hard. This can give us a whole new view. A memory that is found to be shared.

Photography has been a skill for many years. Photography can be creative and open. I think that the hobbies we share and admire can give us new relationships to a lot of people. To see why you can agree to things and to see different ideas. I have this friend and she has hobbies and has likings to things I love. It’s amazing to share characteristics and likings to others. 

This might be my favorite topic to why photography is important. It gives us information. A whole new perspective in life. It can be amazing, scary, nerve racking, and interesting. For many years, photography has been beautiful to me. The thing I really love about it, is gathering information. Seeing different view points. To see how life is. It can give us awareness. It can help us seek to what is going on currently in the world. Climate change has been a problem for years. To help us see how bad it is, we get to look at it. It can help us see the essential in science. To help us see how everything is. To help us see history. 

Taking everything into account, photography is important. Photography has always been important. It can help us see possibilities and make us have opportunities. Opportunities to help the earth. Opportunities to help everything around us. Opportunities to seek information. Opportunities to make businesses and seek for jobs. Just by seeing we can understand what’s going on. No matter what language people see. We’ll see what’s important. All of us. It’s art. It’s interesting. Photography can develop and we can see more. Experience life.


conceptual is a term used to identify an illustration of an idea. A thought of an idea. Dealing with original thoughts. I find this type of photography very cool and amazing. It identity’s who we are as a person. I’ve always been one to love writing or see ideas, as reading. I think that the book in the photo gives an idea of who I am. I’ve always love poetry or any type of writing. I’ve always love the idea of it and I want to do something that has to do with writing when I’m older. The idea of the book was also to ‘go inside the book’ to see my life. I’ve always love nature or anything that has to do with space, oceans, anything myth. I love the idea of fall. I’ve always been in love with fall. And basically just more background of my life. I love anything horror in life. I love horror movies and I’ve experienced some paranormal things with my family or themselves. I am okay with how this turned out.

I find Cindy Sherman’s artwork interesting. I’m not really sure how to explain it. I find it kind of unsettling and that’s what I think it’s interesting about it. How it can play off. I think it’s just interesting. Her work is amazing. I see why her type of style is cool.