During this assignment, I had a lot of fun. Trying different ideas and so on! In my opinion, I’m sort of proud how this turned out. My theme is sort of dark. It’s an underwater city by the name of Sirenlean. While the things that went in that city can never go out. Like the woman. And all of them want to get out. Of course people, land animals, don’t live underwater. Everywhere you turn is darkness and abandoned. Butterflies can’t swim. Eyes aren’t under rocks. There isn’t a moon in the ocean. There isn’t a graveyard on top in real life. I tried my best, so mostly I’m a little proud.


This is something that truly made me question her type of work. The whole process and creative thinking. I find it strange but so interesting in a way. It’s different than other type of art and I appreciate it. Some of her work can be unsettling but that’s what I like about it. I’m interested in seeing more of her work. It’s cool to see that her style is different. I’m also interested in doing art like this!


Wassily’s Kandinsky’s type of style in unique and something I find mesmerizing. I like how all the different colors blend together and how pretty they fit together. I find it to be very unique. There is multiple things happening at once and it catches our eye. I’m interested to see his other work. I think it’s lovely and well put together!


The word conceptual means a photography that illustrates an idea. Like the photo for example. Without showing myself, I excerpt an idea of who I am. It’s a way of showing others their own idea of me. From my photo, you could tell I like nature. I also like photography. I love writing and reading. I would like to visit the world. Paris. Everything in that photo shows something I like and find interest on. Can be something simple or something I find amazing. I love seeing these ideas when I see these types of pictures. A lot of people can view someone differently. Our minds can go to one important clue or another. Whatever catches our interest first. I feel like people would see the plants and trees first. One of my good books. Or the camera. In the photo. There’s a certain frog and under it, it says Zacatecas. That’s where my parents were born. I go to Zacatecas every year. In a small town. But it’s filled with memories. It’s a huge part of my life and I’m glad I get to see the beauty of it! 

I researched the photography of Cindy Sherman. This one got my attention. Although, I would never do this type of art; I like how interesting it is. I like her style and how it’s different with every photo. It’s appealing to the eye. To see more.


it fascinates me how much everything developed through the years. I can’t pick which one interests me the most. It’s amazing how much everything developed. How we have everything now. It’s nice to know that no one gave up. How it started so early and how it’s crazy that we have it all now.

not just the inventions but everything in general. How it all came to place. I must say, I am interested in the first four. That’s how everything started. How everything came to place with this new invention. With photography. How they described it. How they tried to make it all real. How it took years to finally make the first camera.